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What will be the future technology?

Future technology: Cyborgs made by flying cars, jetpacks or body parts, all were science fiction and our imagination. In the next 25 years, we have been moving on the way to joining our daily lives. Let’s take a look at them today.

Flying car (5 years)

Waiting for 50 years to see the flying car, then suddenly, the project of creating three flying cars came together in front of your eyes. The first one is in Bhahane, the Airbus company started their project with battery powered and only one seat flying car. It can fly without runway. The time of the flight will open its wings and driving it on the road will show it like a normal car. The second project of the flying carrier is to work as a taxi taxi in Dubai, to live in the Arab Emirates’ traffic jam. Within 30 minutes, we can go to any head of Dubai city with these wanderers.

But if you really want to get the taste of science fighter flying cars, you have to fly in Israel. With the help of a light but highly powerful engine, it can move faster than 160 kilometers / hour in this future vehicle.

Jet Pack (10 years)

Want to fly in the sky like birds? Want to roam the sky as you wish? Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand has been doing research to give you the benefits. This vehicle of small car is smaller but very strong fan instead of jet engine. With half an hour you can roam in the area for about half an hour, to come down you have to use parasut. It has been successfully tested, but will take several more years to make the public open.

Cyborg (20 years)

In many ways people have already gone on the path to the cyborg. Let’s talk about the contact lens, which removes the look of the hypeophoba. Or the chuckler  implant, which removes the deafness of the ear. Even with artificial limbs, people with physical needs can live a normal life. But the next challenge is to create artificial limbs, through which we can feel everything like normal organs. Facebook, Elon Mask, and US defense firm DARPA are on the list to work with artificial brains. Many other organizations have succeeded in controlling the artificial limbs by installing electrodes in the brain. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have attached a robotic arm with the parasitized censored cortex, through which the person is feeling the touch of various objects through that hand!

United States-based company Second Site has discovered Orion device, through which blind people have received visions through the camera. By this, the camera is attached to the brain behind the visual cortex. The Orion device predecessor ‘Argus II’ could help blind people see white-black images. Even with the Orion device it is possible to have a colorful view, but its power is very weak. But the project’s chief Dr. Greenberg hopes that in the next 20 years, blind people will be able to see them as normal people.

Robot Khansama (25 years)

Do you believe that artificial intelligence will become more intelligent than human beings, will they solve the problems of our everyday life easily, or will mankind destroy? Whatever the AI, AI is going to bring a revolutionary change in the world soon. But we still could not make a robot, which produces a cup of tea that will climb up the stairs and serve it to us.

It is true that AI has already surpassed the problem of solving chess, rubiks cubes or other minor arithmetic problems, but can we convert this ‘AI’ into ATI (Artificial General Intelligence), where robots can think like human? Where the robots can use language like a person, can think complex, cope with the new environment, and understand the human emotion in this materialistic world?

One person thinks that yes, we can. And he is Professor Yurgen Smidhubber, who has discovered Long-Term Memory (LSTM), which has been created using technology like Google Voice, Amazon Echo. Smydhubar hopes that within the next 25 years, it will be possible to convert AIR to equal Axiata by improving Neural Net, but it will have to wait till 2050.

Quantum Computer (at least 20 years)

With the invention of IC chip, the revolution started in the electronic world, the size of everything became more small, more cheap and more powerful. To increase its capability, it is being researched ‘Quote Bit’. Caltech scientists have already achieved success in quantum computing by storing data using light. Only one photon is tied in the same memory cell in red blood cells, the quantum chip discovery is just a matter of time. But creating Quantum Computer for the public is still a matter of a few eras.

3D hologram (25 years)

What we can understand with 3D hologram is that the two-dimensional images bound in laser light using three-dimensional images. We can easily create these 3D hograms by using some kits at home. But currently the scientists are talking about 3D hologram, the 3D hologram and this 3D hologram is not one. We talked about 3D holograms that they are small, in small light, and not touched by hands. But now scientists are thinking of creating a 3D hologram, we can see it in normal light, touch it if we want, and move from one place to another. For example, Microsoft said the Halen’s words.Here in the glass vijar, different artifacts are presented in front of the person’s eyes, which are real to the person and the person can control them through its movements. Many other companies, including Microsoft, are currently working on this project, and each one’s main goal is to realize these papers in real-time with real-time virtuality, with augmented reality and mixed realization. As the Tomorrow’s Minority report shows, being able to work in a thousand miles away from home!

But there is no reason to be so happy, so the technology has not yet reached our imagination. There is still a lot of way to go with this 3D hologram. Before that, laser rays have always been used to create halogens, but technicians at the University of Munich researchers are now using microwave radios emitted from powerful WiFi router to create halogens. Since the WiFi can penetrate the walls and enter the other room, they think it’s easy to see what’s going on inside the house!

Mind-reading machine (2 to 10 years)

Mind readings have so far been seen only in scientific fiction, but waiting times are going to end soon. Carnegie Mellon University’s psychologist and professor Marcel Just and his team have been working on creating a Mind Reading Machine for a long time. For this reason, they are using FMRI or Funnel Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the brain. When we talk or think about anything, our brain then exhibits different patterns. Using the FMRI, we can extract those patterns and analyze them and find out what is going on in our brain. Just and the main focus of his team. He said, “Each of us works the same way, even though we are different speakers, a machine built for understanding the mind of an English language user can understand the mind and heart of a Mandarin person”.

But according to them, there are some complications. Patterns are almost the same for the terms of near meaning that the patterns that are available with FMRI. The same type of signal is available for such sentences as ‘I’m angry’ or ‘I’m bored.’ As a result, it is difficult to retrieve the sentence accurately. So to overcome this problem, one of their teams is currently working using the EEG (Electroencephalography) machine, which can be cost effective and work efficiently from FMRI. Just and his team are optimistic, not 10 years, but within two years they can announce the end of their project and give a mind readings machine to the world.

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